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Before Mum died and after Dad had been diagnosed, she sensibly organised the paperwork to ensure that gaining Lasting Power of Attorney for Dad’s affairs would be a formality when the time came. Luckily she had the foresight to include my name on the documents. I have heard of so many cases where this has NOT been organised or even thought of until it’s too late and then the process can be very drawn out.

UK Wills & Trusts have kindly agreed to include us on their website to help raise more pledges and the advice they give about Lasting Power of Attorney is very useful: http://www.ukwillsandtrusts.co.uk/Dementia-Effects_of_Mental_Illness

I have included their web link  in the ‘Blogroll’ column to the right of this page…

Kate x


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A busy couple of weeks – went to see another potential interviewee yesterday whose friend’s husband had the same dementia as Dad – we’ll meet the friend herself next week when she has a break in a very hectic schedule!

Tomorrow we’re off to SPECAL HQ in Burford, then next week, we’re meeting a chap whose late wife had dementia – he admits he didn’t ‘get’ SPECAL for quite a while, then  realised how well it was working! He’s now a strong advocate, but it was a tough journey for him…

At the end of that week, it’s off to Lymington to meet a father and daughter – this time it’s the Mum who has dementia… Everyone has been so welcoming and so enthusiastic – such a pleasure to meet them and hear their stories…

Kate x

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Just got back from York meeting Peter, the GP we’re going to be interviewing for this – fascinating man who is spreading the SPECAL message to CPNs, carers, nursing homes and GPs and also setting up a research project to record the efficacy of the SPECAL method. He in turn introduced to a lovely lady who has been through the SPECAL course in order to help her Mum with dementia. She is now training others too….

We have had some amazingly generous donations come in today from people who had been passed this web-link from others – I can’t thank you all enough and we will put your money to very good use!

A long but happy day… *pours glass of red wine and slumps in chair* Cheers!

Kate x

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