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Down to Lymington today, to meet a father and daughter whose wife/mother has dementia.

It becomes difficult is to choose which stories we can tell in this first programme. You see, the amount we raise will directly dictate how many days we can hire a crew to film this with the associated costs like travel, insurance, kit hire etc. This programme; its strength, will be in the relating of a range of stories through conversation. The only way these conversations will be true and natural (and, importantly, make the audience know that we understand  what they are going through) is if they are told from the heart with no repetition. To do this, and to give us the ‘edit’ points we need requires two cameras for each interview.

So we hope you understand WHY we are asking for the minimum budget. It’s not to spend on bells and whistles, or expensive lunches (NB – Darling crews – we will feed you! Is cheese and pickle ok?) . It’s so we can tell a wide range of stories and give them maximum effect.

The BEST news of the day was a £1000 pledge to the fund. Thank you. So much.

Kate x

Ps -Derek and Alex –  we’ll also buy some crisps…. What flavour?


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With another meeting yesterday and yet another great story uncovered, the programme is beginning to take shape in our heads.

It seems that everyone so far has come across SPECAL through word of mouth and as a result, many of the stories of those we meet are intertwined, which gives a richness and depth to each one.

The common theme is simple: how much of a difference SPECAL makes to everyone’s relationships – not just those between carer and caree, but between friends and family. We’ve been given a glimpse of how terribly different these end of life experiences would have been without SPECAL and the purpose of telling these stories is to show that an awful diagnosis doesn’t have to lead to an awful end.

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A busy couple of weeks – went to see another potential interviewee yesterday whose friend’s husband had the same dementia as Dad – we’ll meet the friend herself next week when she has a break in a very hectic schedule!

Tomorrow we’re off to SPECAL HQ in Burford, then next week, we’re meeting a chap whose late wife had dementia – he admits he didn’t ‘get’ SPECAL for quite a while, then  realised how well it was working! He’s now a strong advocate, but it was a tough journey for him…

At the end of that week, it’s off to Lymington to meet a father and daughter – this time it’s the Mum who has dementia… Everyone has been so welcoming and so enthusiastic – such a pleasure to meet them and hear their stories…

Kate x

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