Delighted to have been invited to talk to Sky Sunrise this morning about the PM’s latest announcement re: dementia funding http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/21/david-cameron-dementia-training-nhs-staff

To nick a well known ad line: It’s good to talk 😉 Thanks for inviting me, guys!


Yay! Another channel to get the film ‘out there’ and raise money for Contented Dementia Trust’s work: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00C6CGOC8

Please share!

Kate :o)


It’s just so good to see others not only listen to what Contented Dementia Trust have to say but, having realised how important and how effective it is, then go out and tell the world,,,

Fascinating dementia-care debate in the House of Commons this afternoon – Sir Tony Baldry has made a very welcome mention of the Contented Dementia Trust and its work:


Tony is our very hard working and proactive MP and kindly made time to talk to me last year about The Trust and SPECAL.  It was much appreciated, as was his speech today, so thank you, Tony. The more its talked about, the more we can help people…

As YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google, we thought we’d create  our own channel to help promote the film and Contented Dementia Trust. Now trying to work out how to link all the social media sites and build our profile… my brain hurts! 😉


Kate x

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m going to be on the Jeremy Vine Show at 1pm today with Penny, talking about how SPECAL helped me and Dad, so wish me luck and if you’re not busy and the hangover allows, do tune in: Radio 2 88-91fm :0)

We’re now on FaceBook (Understanding Dementia Film) to try to reach as many people as possible to let them know about the film – you’ll also see the link to our Twitter account on there too.

The aim is now to boost sales to raise money for the new online e-learning course we’re developing with Contented Dementia Trust. We’ve a long way to go, but everything has to start somewhere… so if all you lovely people would be kind enough to send links to any of our sites to everyone who might be interested, that would be marvellous – onwards and upwards!

BTW, this is a photo of Mum and Dad as I like to remember them 🙂Image (

Alistair has just completed this 4 min promo short-cut taken from the 6-part film:

View the trailer and buy the film (click here)

Contented Dementia Trust has also enabled their website to take PayPal payments from around the World – we’ve just added enough to the basic film cost to cover P&P:

Link to PayPal page

Europe (and that’s Europe as in as far afield as Eurovision Song contest entries!) is £15.57

Rest of World (Canada, USA, Sth America, Africa, Far East, Australasia) is £16.75

I was so chuffed to get this comment from Claire in Ireland about the film:

“I’ve only just had time to sit down and watch it and I’m bowled over by it. It feels as if SPECAL could be the gateway into a secret garden where the client can find peace”

We’re still beavering away on the scripts for the on-line course and we’ll keep you posted!

Kate & Alistair

If you’d like a copy of our newly released 92 minute, six-part documentary film, ‘Finding a Way to Contented Dementia’ please follow this link where Contented Dementia Trust are now taking PayPal.


The cost is £14.00 including post and packing within the UK, currently available as PAL.

If you’re buying from overseas, do contact us for P&P costs, or if  you’re interested in an NTSC or SECAM version alistairbriggs@mac.com

We’ve already had some lovely comments from people who’ve purchased the film, including this one:

 “I’ve watched all the parts and it really is fabulous. Parts 4 and 5 are so enlightening and I felt afterwards like I wanted to show everyone that has ever had any contact with dementia.

Do let me know if there’s a time you are releasing it generally so I can tell everyone under the sun!”

H. Golding.

The money raised through sales of the film will pay for duplication and also go towards funding for our exciting new project – the on-line e-learning course we’re developing with Contented Dementia Trust to help bring the SPECAL method to all those who need it. We’re currently writing the first drafts and will make this new resource as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible.  Watch this space and I’ll keep you updated on progress… 🙂


Great to see so many people at the IPC-hosted launch! Lovely to see lots of familiar faces and some new ones too. We showed a 20 minute edit of the film during the evening and as always, the end makes me cry. And HOW many times have I seen it now?! Soft as a brush, that’s me.

Huge thank yous to everyone at IPC who have worked so hard for the charity: the help, the advice, the wonderful new website, the hours given up, all culminating in such a great evening – especially to Maggie, Neil and Andy and all those who arranged so many fund-raising events over the last year.

So, the film is now available to buy as a DVD, copies hot off the press on Monday ready for the official launch. If you’d like one, or know anyone that might be interested, the price is £12.50 for the full six part, 92 minute documentary.

It’s going to be sold via Contented Dementia Trust, but if you like to email either me: katesturgess1@mac.com or alistairbriggs@mac.com we’ll sort one out for you asap.

The reason there is a charge for the film is two-fold: to recoup duplication costs and also to help fund the next exciting project we’re working on with Contented Dementia Trust: an e-learning, interactive on-line course to teach the SPECAL method to anyone and everyone…. More details in the next post!

Kate x